Saturday, December 7, 2013

Flashing Facebook Game Terbaru [Free]

Hai sobat, kali ini saya akan membahas tentang program yang didalamnya ada hack game facebook yang terdapat 30+ Games Hack :v , wow banyak banget ya. yasudah langsung kita lihat:

Download :
Virus scan :

Tutorial :
1.Buka Flashacking Project.rar
2.Lalu Buka yang didalamnya
3.Jika ada kotak login silahkan Register dulu disini >
4.Setelah Register Lalu Login dan klik Ok
5.lalu pilih Facebook games hack dan klik Load
6.Pilih Game yang anda mau hack lalu klik Import
7.Pilih Proccess
● plugin-container.exe / flashplayerplugin ( Mozilla )
● chrome.exe ( Chrome )
● opera.exe ( Opera )
● iexplore.exe ( Internet Explorer )
8.Klik Attach lalu Continue
9.Pilih hack dan klik Enable
Available hacks:
Panda Jam
Let's Fish
Marvel Avengers alliance (based usergroup)
Farm Ville 2 (some of it based usergroup)
Ruby Blast Adventures
Social Wars
Citizen Grim hack (based usergroup)
Legends: Rise of a hero (based usergroup)
Ninja Saga
Farm Heros Saga
Wild Ones
War of Mercenaries (based usergroup)
Papa Pear Saga
Stick Run
Under Siege (based usergroup)
Dungeon Blitz
Toy Attack (based usergroup)
The Last Stand: Dead Zone
Dungeon Rampage
Immortals: Kingdom of Heroes
Dragons and Titans
My Ninja
Ninja Kingdom (Dojo Mojo)
Fairy Tale Twist
Trial Xtreme 3
Merlin The Game
Jelly Splash
DoubleU Casino

Bloons Tower Defense 4
Swarm Defender
King's Guard
The Last Stand: Dead Zone
Dungeon Blitz
Dungeon Rampage

Up coming hacks:
Bubble Island
Candy Crush
Change log:
21 April
● Added Marvel Avengers Alliance hack. (To Facebook section)
● Fixed the Life time Issue Marvel hack access.
● Improve the importing date, No more false data imported.
27 April
● Fixed the bug when you're stuck with no hack/window displayed.
● Added FarmVille 2 hacks. (To Facebook section)
● Changed some settings.
4 May
● Fixed F6 attaching issue.
● Fixed an bug with MAA hack.
● Improved some scripts.
6 May
● Fixed the bug for users who tries to use MAA hack and they don't have it, so they end up with no ability to select any other hacks.
● Improved some functions (showMessage).
● Added Marvel Avengers Alliance trial hack for all users for 6 hours. (To Facebook section)
7 May
● Removed (Trial Ended) Marvel Avengers Alliance trial hack for all users.
8 May
● Updated FarmVille 2 hack.
Price hack is working now again.
Cash To Coin is working now too.
9 May
● Added Ruby Blast Adventures hacks. (To Facebook section)
● Improved trainers scripts and appearance.
● Added Jewel Epic hacks. (To Facebook section)
11 May
● Added Superball hacks (To Facebook section)
● Improved trainers scripts.
12 May
● Added Social Wars hacks. (To Facebook section)
● Created Easy tool to create trainer scripts.
(You can get it from here Click!.)
● Added Citizen Grim hacks.
● Added Pengle hacks. (To Facebook section)
● Removed Process ID attaching.
15 May
● Added Legends: Rise of a hero hacks. (To Facebook section)
16 May
● Added another hack to Legends: Rise of a hero.
● Added another hack to Marvel Avengers Alliance.
18 May
● Added Ninja Saga hacks. (To Facebook section)
20 May
● Added 'Remember Me'.
21 May
● Added Buggle hacks. (To Facebook section)
● Added Farm Heroes Saga hacks. (To Facebook section)
24 May
● Added Wild Ones hacks. (To Facebook section)
● Added another hack to Farmville 2.
28 May
● Updated Marvel Avengers Alliance 1 hit hack.
● Updated Marvel Avengers Alliance Stamina hack.
● Improved Login.
● Added War of Mercenaries hacks
29 May
● Updated some of War of Mercenaries hacks (Dev's are pain in the ass, keep re-writing their scripts).
● Updated and added MORE hacks for Pengle!.
● Added Papa Pear Saga hacks. (To Facebook section)
● Improved and added 2 global commands (Aobswap and AobswapC) to 'Easy Trainer Making' Tool. ( ==> download <== )
30 May
● Added Attachment method to 'Easy Trainer Making' Tool. ( ==> download <== )
● Disable temporary War of Mercenaries (due many updates are made by developers).
31 May
● Added chrome.exe to Attachment method in 'Easy Trainer Making' Tool. ( ==> download<== )
● Added a new object to main window of Flashacking Project, which allows you to load different hacks for different websites, it will be active in the future!.
3 June
● Updated Ruby Blast hacks. (To Facebook section)
4 June
● Removed old hacks and added new War of Mercenaries hacks (For VIP only).
● Removed 'old' hacks from today, and added new hacks for War of Mercenaries (For VIP only).
7 June
● Added Stick Run hacks. (To Facebook section)
● Kongregate hacks loader is available now!.
● Added King's Guard hacks. (To Kongregate section)
● Added Swarm Defender hacks. (To Kongregate section)
8 June
● Added more hacks to Farm Ville 2.
● Removed old hacks of War of Mercenaries.
● Added new hacks to War of Mercenaries.
● Added Under Siege hacks. (To Facebook section)
9 June
● Added Dungeon Blitz hacks. (To Facebook section)
● Added Toy Attack hacks. (To Facebook section)
13 June
● Added Bloons Tower Defense 4 hacks.
● Added new hacks to Legends: Rise of a hero.
14 June
● Added The Last Stand: Dead Zone hacks. (To Facebook section)
● Added The Last Stand: Dead Zone hacks. (To Kongregate section)
● Updated The Last Stand: Dead Zone hacks.
● Updated Pengle hacks.
15 June
● Added more The Last Stand: Dead Zone hacks.
16 June
● Added Dungeon Rampage hacks. (To Facebook section)
● Added Dungeon Rampage hacks. (To Kongregate section)
● Added Dungeon Blitz hacks. (To Kongregate section)
17 June
● Added KingsRoad hacks. (To Facebook section)
19 June
● Updated Marvel Avengers Alliance 1 hit hack.
● Updated Marvel Avengers Alliance Disable AI.
● Added new Feature,
Process opened checker.
Checks if the previous process is still valid and still usable.
20 June
● Added new features:
Added AoB scanner and replacer
Added String scanner and replacer
● Added Menu bar
21 June
● Updated The Last Stand: Dead Zone hacks.
● Added restriction, only users with at least 1 post can use the Project.
22 June
● Added JamJam hacks. (To Facebook section)
24 June
● Added the Stars/UFO effects to the trainers (Visual Effects).
26 June
● Added the description box + Sliding description if don't fit (Visual Effects).
28 June
● Added more The Last Stand: Dead Zone hacks.
● Added new feature to FarmVille 2 trainer (Codes Replacer, File required can be downloaded here).
29 June
● Updated Jewel Epic hacks (Thanks Baron).
1 July
● Updated Papa Pear Saga hacks (Thanks Baron).
● Added Immortals: Kingdom of Heroes hacks. (To Facebook section)
● Added Dragons and Titans hacks. (To Facebook section)
● Updated War of Mercenaries hacks.
2 July
● Added Flight hacks. (To Kongregate section)
4 July
● Updated War of Mercenaries hacks.
8 July
● Updated War of Mercenaries hacks.
● Added Teleport Trainer (hack) for Dungeon Rampage!
● Fixed some critical errors.
● Added new feature (random tip)
● Improved scripting and some typos.
9 July
● Added more The Last Stand: Dead Zone hacks.
13 July
● Updated Pengle hacks.
15 July
● Updated Jewel Epic hacks.
20 July
● Added MyNinja hacks. (To Facebook section)
● Updated Dungeon Rampage hacks.
● Added more Dungeon Rampage hacks.
3 August
● Added Marvel Avengers Alliance hack
● Added Dojo Mojo hacks. (To Facebook section)
3 August
● Updated Marvel Avengers Alliance hacks
7 August
● Updated Legends : Rise of a hero hacks.
10 August
● Updated The Last Stand : Dead Zone hacks.
11 August
● Updated Papa Pear Saga hacks.
● Updated My Ninja hacks.
● Added Kingsbridge hacks. (To Facebook section)
12 August
● Tweaked Flashacking Project, Added PHP hacks in the menu (Extras > PHP)
● Added Candy Crush charms hack. (Can be found in Extras > PHP)
14 August
● Added new section (Other games)
● Added Transformice hacks. (To Other games section)
14 August
● Updated Transformice hacks.
16 August
● Added more Transformice hacks.
● Updated Marvel Avengers Alliance hacks.
● Updated Legends : Rise of a hero hacks.
16 August
● Added Akeinaro hacks. (To Other games section)
● Tweaked Flashacking Project, now theres 2 attaching ways (1 for Flash games, 1 for Unity3D games)
27 August
● Added fairy tale twist hacks. (To Facebook games section)
● Updated Kingsbridge hacks.
● Updated Transformice hacks.
28 August
● Updated Kingsbridge hacks.
29 August
● Updated Kingsbridge hacks.
● Fixed bug with free hacks of The Last Stand : Dead Zone in kongregate section.
2 September
● Updated Transformice hacks.
4 September
● Tweaked Flashacking Project, now there will be extra processes for specific games inside the process attaching window.
● Fixed Typos with the process attaching window.
● Improved the process attaching inside the process attaching window.
● Updated Transformice hacks.
5 September
● Added more kingsroad hacks.
6 September
● Added ChronoBlade hacks. (To Facebook games section).
● Updated Kingsbridge hacks.
7 September
● Added Ghost Saga hacks. (To Facebook games section).
13 September
● Added new feature, Chat! (discuss and talk with other people from inside the program!).
10 September
● Updated The Last Stand : Dead Zone hacks.
11 September
● Updated The Last Stand : Dead Zone hacks.
15 September
● Updated Legends : Raise of a hero hacks.
● Updated The Last Stand : Dead Zone hacks.
● Added more The Last Stand : Dead Zone hacks.
17 September
● Fixed changing username exploit in the chat.
● Fixed incorrect user group bug in the Project.
● Fixed failure to create AoB replace and String Replace bug in the Project. (Nobody reported ).
● Improved Flashacking Project Chat.
● Added an Refresh button.
● Added an checkbox to beep when new message arrives.
● Added time when the message was sent.
● Added a message whenever user is being kicked from the chat.
18 September
● Improved Flashacking Project Chat.
● Added an Right click Copy option.
● Added more couple features for the staff.
● Improved the Candy Crush Charms added tool. (Extra > PHP Hacks > Candy Crush Charms hack)
It won't freeze anymore, allowing you to use the Project smoothly again while it's running.
● Updated ChronoBlade hacks.
● Updated Kingsbridge hacks.
● Added more The Last Stand : Dead Zone hacks.
20 September
● Updated Dungeon Blitz hacks.
● Added more Dungeon Blitz hacks.
20 September
● Updated Dungeon Blitz hacks.
21 September
● Updated Kingsbridge hacks.
22 September
● Updated Dungeon Blitz hacks.
● Added new feature, bots section.
(Inside that section there will be bots that were written by me,
Making it easier for you to play)
● Added new Kingsroad bot.
● Tweaked the Project.
23 September
● Fixed crashing bug if opening Candy Crush Charms hack > closing > opening Candy Crush charms hack again.
24 September
● Fixed chat bug (Chat does not open if you closed it when it was minimized).
● Updated ChronoBlade hacks.
● Changed ChronoBlade attaching method from Flash to Unity3D.
● Added Trial Xtreme 3 hacks. (To Facebook games section (Unity3D Attaching method)).
26 September
● Added Merlin The Game hacks. (To Facebook games section).
27 September
● Released new binary (old one does not work)
- Improved the startup
- Added extra files that improves the usage
- No more infinity retries if project fails to start up (5 retries).
● Added Jelly Splash hacks. (To Facebook games section).
28 September
● Improved Dungeon Rampage scripts.
28 September
● Added DoubleU Casino hacks. (To Facebook games section).
2 October
● Improved Chat.
● Updated kingsroad hacks.
● Updated kingsroad bot.
8 October
● Updated The Last Stand : Dead Zone hacks.
● Added new feature, games section. (Simple games that are written by me)
● Added new Tic Tac Toe game.
11 October
● Renamed Dojo Mojo to Ninja Kingdom
● Updated Ninja Kingdom hacks.
12 October
● Improved Loading hacks.
● Updated Dungeon Blitz hacks.
● Added more The Last Stand : Dead Zone hacks.
14 October
● Fixed a bug with Dungeon Rampage trainer closing.
● Updated FarmVille 2 XP hack.
● Updated FarmVille 2 list items download URL ( )
16 October
● Updated The Last Stand : Dead Zone hacks.
17 October
● Updated The Last Stand : Dead Zone hacks.
● Updated FarmVille 2 hacks.
18 October
● Huge updates were made to the Flashacking Prokect
* - Re-wrote the login scripts (from scratch).
* - increased security (of account details).
* - Users who purchased multiply subscription may use them at once now.
* - Re-wrote trainers scripts (from scratch), in a cleaner way, and smarter way.
In the future you will be able to run multiply trainers at once (that's why I made that update to the trainers).
You will be also able to disable messages after activating each hack and hack.
Added an enable-all button (which skips the message part).
* - Changed subscription color in the tool.
* - Changed subscription(s) name in the tool.
* - Removed subscription end time (You may check it via the payments page, it'll be back in the future).
20 October
● Changed the button from Like Us to Follow us, because facebook deleted our page few weeks ago.
21 October
● Updated The Last Stand : Dead Zone hacks.
Tambahan :
Di FarmVille 2 Ada fitur terbaru yaitu Code Replacer jadi jika ingin mengubah item dll silahkan download filenya terlebih dahulu ( ada di change log 14 October ) lalu taruh di folder Flashacking Project

Gimana ?? banyak kan.
Nah jika ada yang salah silahkan koment dibawah semoga saya bisa bantu atau

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